Value Technical Foils

To enhance the Value of your Products 

We are a Manufacturing Company 

It is our aim to convert our Partners and Clients' Visions into close realities. We produce Foils according to the highest European Quality Standards. Our Technical Foils are Designed and Engineered from the Basics of Materials Science. We are devoted to do it consistently with precisions and accuracy. Our Foils are specially made to increase your products Value Stream. 

We are an Innovative Manufacturing Company

It is our aim to convert our Partners and Clients' Visions into close realities. For that, we like to work tightly with them on their needed specific requirements to finally become industrial realities. At NovoGenio we work day by day on a continuous improvement of our manufacturing capabilities. For that we construct, adapt, adjust and change our own machinery and equipment to make Products a reality. As a Materials and Manufacturing Experts we are most willing to become part of your Value Chain.

We "Manufacture Innovation" and we want to be part of your Innovation Stream

By offering them our Expertise, our Technical Knowledge in terms of Technical Support, Prototyping and, of course, supporting them on the industrialization journey. We like to contribute and make your Business Projects a reality. 

The Technical Values of our Films

Formulated to obtain the best Technical Functionalities that they can provide us. Specially Manufactured, using our own Technology and Process Knowledge


The Practical Value of our Foils

To know about their functionalities and how they can be useful to your product value streams

So that you know us better

We have published several Magazines ready for you!!

Our Technical network expands will contribute to yours by adding more and strong Technical Value to your own Technology network.

If you are looking for a Technical Foil Partner, Let's work together! Seeding for a future plenty of harvest!

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