Technical and Optical Films Engineering and Manufacturing    
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We manufacture Technical and Optical Films for different Industries:

  • Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic & Eolic Technologies)
  • Glass (for Transport, Security, Electronics, Architecture)
  • Furniture
  • Textile
  • Printing
  • Food Industry



We want to convert our own Visions of future, and the ones of our Customers, into present realities

     For that we work tightly with our clients and partners in the design and manufacture of new products.
Taking into account this vision, at NovoGenio, day by day, we work to improve our manufacturing capabilities, and for that we construct, adapt, adjust and improve our own machinery and equipment.
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Our Name, Our Spirit

       In ancient times, the concept given by the word "genio" ("genius in English") did not refer to a person with great ideas and an outstanding creativity or capacity. In its original Latin language, the word "genio" ("genius") referred to vitality, that power that makes the human beings capable of creating, and to the energy to turn ideas into material realities.
NovoGenio aspires to rediscover the old meaning of the word by extending it, as much as possible, to its current meaning with the relentless pursuit of new ideas and by placing them into actions.

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