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As time goes through, many things change around us. These days everything is “continuously dancing around”. All things that surround us are changing fast. Sometimes faster than we would like. Who has not had the feeling that things go so fast than when you turn your head to look to another direction, when you come back to your original position nothing is where it used to be. Nothing stays fix for long time, and these situations bring us uncomfortable feelings that can get translated into sentences like: “stop the world now, I want to step out of it”, “I want to move home to an isolated island, far away from here”, “that’s enough, I want to come back to my grandpa cabbage”...


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But the fast changes are not always a problem, sometimes they help us improve and make our lives easy, also in a fast way. New technologies offer us new opportunities and advances. During the last 10 years Materials Science Developments have helped save gain security, speed and costs. Just remember how the cars were when you were a kid, and how they are today. We can find many examples like this in all business areas.


Looking inside the glass industry some changes are taking place also these ones will promote other changes around them spraying their influence. That is the case of the new materials that have being developed and are competing against the PVB Glass interlayer. These new ones bring several advantages. Some of them have helped to improve the traditional ways of lamination and indirectly the final properties of the laminated products. They are the new challenges for PVB.

The NovoGlass® SF, is one of these new glass interlayers. Between its advantages there is its lower water absorption than PVB.This property allows to “relax” the demanding requirements for transportation, storage and the manipulation of the Film. That means that it is possible to reduce all or at least some of the costs related to them. But, how much that could be?. Do you know it?.

One of the costs is the energy cost of the clean and climate controlled room. If you have one of this manufacturing installations, do you know what is your energy cost per year?. We do not know for sure, but most probably is in the range of Eur 20,000 to 30,000 / year. Our figures come from the following scenario:














Could you confirm to us our approach?. If we are fair away from your figures, can you explain us where our approach failed?.

Any how, whatever the precise figure is, the savings come from the fast changes in Materials Science field. Let us know your comments to that if you may like to introduce those.

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Architectural Glass
Post by Dr. Gerardo Hidalgo
septiembre 13, 2014