Technical and Optical Films Engineering and Manufacturing     

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Welcome to our Products Space. Here we would like to show you our variety of Films and Solutions for the main Industries we collaborate with.

We are constantly aware and working on contributing in the challenges that modern Industries face with at their daily activities. Only carefully following and understanding the needs of all of them, we can develop and manufacture the most suitable Technical & Optical Film Interlayers.

The development and manufacturing is carried out directly from our Headquarters located in the city of Cartagena, at the region of Murcia, South-East coast in Spain.

Please, have a look at your specific professional activity to find what you are looking for. And if you may not find that you are thinking about, please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting us!.


Solar Energy Films

If you are a PV Module Manufacturer, either for Crystalline or Thin Film Technologies, sure we can help you.
Eolic Energy Films
If you are interested in protective materials for your blade turbine manufacturing, we can provide our own range of Products for that.

Architectural Glass Films

We manufacture films to construct glass laminated structures of different thickness and shapes


Films for Impact Resistant Glass 

We can offer you a complete set of Films to construct all your security glass products. Bullet proof included!

Surface Coating Films

Our Films can protect any kind of wood, plastic or metallic surface. Some of them can be thermoformed and used to manufacture high temperature cooking trays (220ºC or 900W microwaves). 

Films for Electronic and Electrical Applications

If you are interested in materials for your Electronic applications, we have solutions for that as well.