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As polymer Chemists, Physics and Engineers experts, we offer the possibility to help you to move your project ahead, assisting in your ideas and products to become a market reality. You can count on us as materials, process and product Consultants. 

In case that you are interested to improve some properties of your product or search any new functionality for your products, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. If you are interested in searching for the best Films to fulfill any specific need you might have in terms of mechanical, physical, chemical or optical performances just let us know.

We are not only focused in one market sector (Photovoltaic, Eolic, Transport, Printing, Glass Architectural, Electronics, Packaging,....) nor in any specific type of polymeric material. Your requirements are our only constraints.


You will get not just our opinion and a writing report from us with our expert advice. More than that, we can provide you with real samples and prototypes for you to test and validate into your new products. Moreover if you want us to help you move ahead, we can contribute to the design and the manufacture of the equiment required to convert your products prototypes into market realities.

You can count on us also for the scale up of your manufacturing process. We can assist you on the validation final steps and speed up your products market launch.

We offer you an integrated service to translate your ideas into your new products in a short period of time. That is our compromise.

Please, take advantage of our integrated services and feel free to contact us any time!

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  •  Our Open Lab Services
If your needs are on technical Films characterization, technical Films certification or testing, our Open Lab Services are an option to your needs.
We can help you on finding answers to your questions. Get the data you need to take your final decisions in terms of new products search, improvement and development.

Our services include chemical, physical and mechanical materials characterization. We can assist you to select your raw materials, define and tailor your formulations, manufacture them and also construct your prototypes that you can use to test and validate the feaseability and performance of your products.

If you wish we can help in the construction of your prototypes to measure their performance and save your time.


Our Open Lab Services have been designed to expand to your own business Technology with our polymer science expertise data contributions. Add more value to yours with our Service.

Our Open Lab Services might help you measure and determine your products qualities in terms of their:
  • Chemical Properties,
  • Physical Properties,
  • Electrical Properties, and/or
  • Mechanical Properties

Feel free to consult us about our Service capabilities and the way we can contribute to make your product happen or convert it into a more robust and reliable one. The best one in your market.

To know more and to let us know of which your requirements are, you are invited to

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