Our Mission

To produce the best Technical Foils fulfilling their  specific and special functionalities at the highest Quality standards.

Contribute to our Partners' Business growth by means of supplying Quality and Innovative Services and Products.

Be a catalyst of Innovation participating in the scale up of  projects of Industrialization on their way to become profitable Business realities.

Our Values

We work tightly with our clients and partners. We enjoy helping them by providing our Technical Support and our products performance and Quality Values.

We like to learn from novelties developed around design and technical challenges searching for new and adapted product functionalities.  Testing and learning is our playground. We are not afraid of changes. We like to improve continuously.

We enjoy much of the job well done. We work to insure Quality sustainability, and manufacture our Products with precision and accuracy.

Taking into account this Vision, at NovoGenio, day by day, we work to make more flexible, improve and adapt our manufacturing capabilities. Working for that we construct, adapt, adjust and improve our methods as well as our own machinery and equipment.


Our Vision

To be masters and leaders in the manufacture and supply of high Technology Foils. Our Services and Products should serve to raise up our Partners Product Value Streams.

To be recognized as a close and supportive resource of high Quality functional Foils.

To be considered as a reliable resource of Innovation. We believe in the Open Innovation.


Our Name / Our Spirit

In ancient times, the concept given by the word “genio” (“genius in English”) did not refer to a person with great ideas and an outstanding creativity or capacity. In its original Latin language, the word “genio” (“genius”) referred to vitality, that power that makes the human beings capable of creating, and to the energy to turn ideas into material realities.

NovoGenio aspires to rediscover the old meaning of the word by extending it, as much as possible, to its current meaning with the relentless pursuit of new ideas and by placing them into actions.

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