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We manufacture Technical and Optical Foils to be used in different Markets. If you are looking for a reliable and sustainable Film supplier, you can count with us.

We design and manufacture them to support and contribute to the competitive advantage of our Partners, by providing additional Value to their Products. 

We are constantly pursuing the challenges that modern Industries face looking for sustainability and competitiveness. Only carefully following and understanding the needs of them and mastering the design and manufacturing of our Films, we can develop and manufacture the most suitable Technical & Optical Films.

Our Products "talk by themselves" but they "don't go alone", they come "with our Know-How and Technology included". Knowing the special and technical requirements needed from our Partners, we support the implementation and use attending the special needs they require.

The development and manufacturing is carried out directly from our Headquarters located in the city of Cartagena, at the region of Murcia, South-East coast in Spain.

Please, have a look at your specific professional activity to find what you are looking for. And if you may not find that you are thinking about, please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting us!

TPU / Thermoplastic Polyurethane

General Advantages Versus other Materials
  • Excellent transparency
  • Low water absorption rates (Better transport, storage, and manipulation)
  • No de-lamination issues on the glass edges, as TPU does not lose thickness on those edges during the lamination process
  • Good adhesion properties
  • No “yellowness” effect
  • Major barrier to electric conductivity
  • Less weight glass laminated structures -> Low Film thickness ranges
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Better resistance to temperature, even at extreme conditions (-30ºC and +80ºC)
  • Excellent elasticity properties

POE / PolyOlefin Elastomer

Advantages of the POE Film Interlayer NovoSolar®PLX by NovoGenio
  • Yielding values of reticulation up to 70% | Crosslinking POE
  • Non-existent cell creeping
  • Optical properties will not change during PV modules life
  • Transmittance range between 90 – 91%
  • Fully PID free
  • Nearly zero shrinkage values | Reducing processing time and avoiding cell displacements
  • Less sensitivity to UV radiation than EVA | Most appropriate for desert areas
  • Extremely good barrier properties against humidity | Most appropriate for rainy and humid areas
  • Excellent adhesive properties to glass and back-sheet > 80N/cm

EVA / EthyleneVinylAcetate

Advantages of the EVA Film Interlayer NovoSolar®FC and NovoSolar®LC
  • Nearly zero shrinkage values | Reducing processing time and avoiding cell displacements
  • Possibility to adjust lamination times from 8 to 12 minutes per lamination cycle
  • Crosslinking values > 80%
  • High adhesive properties to glass and back-sheet at a range of 75N/cm
  • High transmission properties with high UV protection levels
  • Composition homogeneity assured with operative performance all along the surface
  • Dried and protected against humidity
  • Possibility to store up to 1 year
  • Possibility to store 42,000 m2 in just 15 m2 space
  • Rolls supplied on non-wood pallets

NovoGenio Products are present in different countries since 2007, all engineered and manufactured at the facilities in Spain: A Global Vision dealing with the Specific Detail

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